Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Creepy Things We do to Plants

Saw this plant as I was looking for information about potatoes.  I find this to be quite a weird plant and find myself thinking, "Why?"

Amazing Tomato-Potato Amaze Your Friends...Fun to Grow!POTATOES BELOW GROUND ...TOMATOES ABOVE The fabulous Tomato-Potato grows delicious red, ripe tomatoes above ground and tasty, plump red-skinned potatoes below. We have grafted a “Sub-Arctic” variety tomato (noted for extra-earliness) onto a “Red Pontiac” potato (noted for its good eating and storage quality). Tomatoes and potatoes are members of the same plant family, plants look alike and grow together in the same space. The potato graft produces plump potatoes while the tomato graft grows luscious tomatoes. • Early ripening tomatoes. • Bushels of fruit from a short row of plants. • Flowers set fruit even on cold days. • Large, meaty, round red tomatoes in big clusters. • Attractive leaves and compact vines. • Excellent storage potato. Good eating. • Long cropping season. • Red Pontiac potatoes grow below ground. 

Price: $6.98 

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  1. The article doesn't say how to make the plant, or how to graph it, or where to buy it. I can google it, but the article it's sort of incomplete. It is interesting and good to know specially for small gardens or balcony gardens.