Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Look Back at the Garden

For Chanukah I gave this Jeffersonian Raingauge to Naomi.  It adds a nice splash of something something to the vegetable garden.  However best of all it is quite accurate in measuring the amount of rainfall.  This is after a day and half of rain that we recieve in late April.  As you can see the gauge is reading about 2 inches of rain.  We were destined to get about a half inch more the day after this picture was taken.

Here are our young radishes reaching out for the sun.  They have grown quite large since this picture was taken.  Fairly soon we will be able to begin harvesting some of our radishes.  However, we have already recived some from the CSA which started last week.

A young pea sprout that has made its way through the dirt and looking for more sun and nourishment.  Which I have been dutifully and faithfully providing it.

Well here is the garlic that I planted last fall.  As you can see it has grown quite large.  I had about a week previously removed the excess hay from the top but left the bottom layer to help control weeds and to hold in the moisture. In a few weeks I should be able to harvest the scapes that are already coming up.  

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