Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Food, Inc. and King Corn

Well, I have been a proponent of small scale farming for quite sometime.  I have worked on a learning farm,Stonewall Farms, and volunteered at its CSA.  I currently support our local CSA here in the North burbs of Chicago, Sandhill Organics, and the Grayslake Farmers Market.  Currently I also work at Prairie Crossing Charter School, an envrionmetnally focused charter school whose mission also includes sustainable farming and farm education.  For those of you who don't follow educational philosophy or trends this is a bit of a pendulum shift.  Agricultural education was drummed out of schools several decades ago as it was seen as old fashioned.  As part of my role as teacher I also have lead a book club for the school community.  Just yesterday a parent noticed my class and I working in our garden plot and mentioned a new movie coming out that was about farming.  She suggested that maybe we read a book and have a movie group as well.  Not having much time to discuss it I told her I will think on her suggestion.  Then just today I noticed a new blog post from Green Roof Growers discussing just this same movie, Food, Inc.

Both movies feature Michael Pollan an expert in the issues surronding agriculture and many more experts.

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