Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Plants in the Ground

This past Sunday Naomi and I planted all of our vegetables in our raised beds.  At this point we have 15 corn (popcorn variety), 3 cucumbers, 12 spinach, 10 broccoli, 4 pac choi, 15 onion, 15 garlic of two varieties, 6 peppers of mixed variety, 20 basil for the pesto extravaganza, 14 tomato plants, about 50 seed potatoes, 9 radishes, and 6 melons.  If this all pans out it will make for quite the harvest. 
I am excited to try some of our new plants or varieties.  Potatoes, pac choi, onions, and garlic are completely new veggies for us.  I am hoping that they pan out seeing how much work, time, and money has gone into them.  As for new varieties we have a new type of tomato which is an heirloom variety that Naomi received from her aunt.  We have these growing in an earthbox on our back porch.  We also have an heirloom variety of melons that came from Monticello and they are of the same variety that Jefferson planted in his garden.  Lastly for new varieties we have popcorn.  In the past we have grown Indian corn in order to make decorations for our home.  However this year we decided to grow a corn we could eat.  Albeit for pure fun and enjoyment.  We usually pick up our sweet corn at the farmers market later in the year.  

Well pictures to come soon and more updates.

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