Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Popeye the Sailor Man

Well today is a beautiful day here in the Chi-town area. Temperatures reaching the 60's and sunny. It seemed like the perfect day to work in the garden. I added compost to each of the raised beds and turned the soil over with my pitchfork. Then I planted some spinach seeds. I seeded an area about 2 feet wide by about 3 feet long. More than enough spinach for this first round of growing. I will try to get in a late crop as well this year, but more on that later in the year.

Spinach is a great cold weather crop. It can be planted in early April (I know its not April yet but it is spring break) and then again in early fall. When the rest of the garden is brown this little patch of green just helps me to get revved up for May.

On another note, many of my friends will tell you I am not a big leafy eater, however the leafy greens I do like include spinach. There is something about a spinach salad with any type of vinaigrette dressing that is just so refreshing.

Well hope to see some sprouters in 8 to 10 days.

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