Monday, March 29, 2010

Last of the flats planted

Today Naomi planted the last two flats with Broccoli, two kinds of popcorn, and cucumbers. All of them were new varieties. The broccoli was a variety called Romanesco, which is supposed to have superb flavor and texture. We bought two varieties of heirloom popcorn; 2 inch strawberry popcorn and Tom Thumb popcorn. The last seed planted was double yield cucumbers, which are supposed to be prolific producers and excellent for pickling.We also reseeded a couple of the pots that did not sprout.

So that finalizes the seeds that we planted indoors. Tomorrow we will put sow some spinach seeds outside so that we can get an earlier spinach crop. Later this week we will plant some carrots and peas. The garden is coming together.

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