Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Local Means Knowing Seasonality

Many of my students do not seem to have a full grasp on what crops can grow here in Chicago and when they are fresh. I have many students that believe that the bananas that they buy at the store in December were grown just down the road. This year and next year I am beginning to develop a Unit that will address some of these concerns. But for everyone who is not in my classroom and for those students who read this here is a helpful guide produced by the City of Chicago.


  1. It's amazing on one hand on the other it makes sense , since they see this stuff all the time and they might conclude that it must come from somewhere local. I wrote about something similar on my blog, related to school lunch. We have similar things going on here , good stuff here man.

  2. Thanks Pete I read an commented on your school lunch and it made me remember this paper I found and some discussions I had with the class. I am at a conference right now about connecting gardening with the classroom. I will write more about the conference in the coming days.

  3. It has been MANY years since i was in elementary school, but I still remember the fascination we had when the teacher had us grow radishes and other herbs in egg cartons. A great way to teach children the basics! They can even take the project home & start a garden....In High School our Biology class tilled a patch of soil at the school, and we had a mini-farm. This teacher started my family on a lifelong love of gardening...