Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's happening in the garden?

Well as I have already said there is a lot happening in the garden but in the garden in the summer that's just the way it is. Strawberries of course are a distant memory now. But raspberries are quickly coming and will hopefully be ripe in the near future. Of course we are already getting raspberries in the CSA, but of course I can't wait for these to be ready as well.

I can say that I have started to dream of juicy ripe tomatoes. And these little darlings are helping my dreams come true. Also we have romas that are also quickly maturing and a few other varieties that are on their way. However it is our tomato plants that are in the sub-irrigated planter that are really taking the cake. They are towering over everything else and will probably be the prize plants.

Cucumbers are quickly forming on the vine and are ready to pick. These little darlings have Naomi and Fivecrows formulating pickling ideas. To say that the success of their jam has inspired them would be an understatement. Well I know that with the bumper crop of cucumbers that we have on the way (4 plants). We will need some inventive ways of dealing with all of them.

Now for a relative. Our heirloom melons have quickly taken off since the warm weather has come. For awhile I was a little worried about them. But now I am just trying to coral them and keep them in the raise bed. As you can see they are blooming and hopefully we will have melons to harvest in September.

Finally the sugar snap peas are starting to fade away in the morning harvest. Last couple of weeks we were getting quite a bit, but that's how it is in the gardening world.

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