Thursday, July 23, 2009

Arkansas Traveler Part II-Heifer International

During our stay in Arkansas Naomi and I left the hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas to get some fresh air. We went to the Heifer Village which was just a few minutes away. This was a beautiful complex that clearly displayed green features, from their gigantic water tower which collects rainto their xeriscaping grounds.

For anyone who might not know, Heifer International is an organization whose goal is to end world hunger. They have project throughout the world, but the difference between Heifer International and some other NGO's is that Heifer doesn't just give food. They give people the ability to support themselves through gifts of live stock. Another major goal of Heifer International is the idea of supporting ones local economy, through being a locavore and much more. The Heifer International building is made of materials that almost all came from Arkansas. The steel for the building was made at a steel factory just down the road. The bricks were either salvaged from the old buildings that were on site or bought from a production plant in Forth Smith, AR. The only major material that did not come from Arkansas was the bamboo floor boards. As for landscaping, most of the plants were Arkansas natives. The area that the building was built on used to be a wetland area, so they built what I can only call a "moat" that flows around and through their campus. While there I saw many turtles and dragonflies taking advantage of this new ecosystem.

Along with their dedication to local buisnesses and suppliers, they also have a mission of promoting local food sources. While there Naomi and I looked around in there gift store and found ourselves in book heaven. There were many books on the current status of the food industry, cookbooks, home gardening, green economics, and more. It was then that we decided to make our donation to Heifer International in the form of purchases. Two shirts and eight books later we left the gift shop and headed out the door.

So some book reviews are in the future for this blogger

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