Monday, April 5, 2010

Whoops! But alls well that eats well

Well I was on Spring Break all last week and I enjoyed the free time to work in my yard and on gardening. However in my rush to leave on Friday I guess I forgot to put the timer on my grow cart. So in other words my radishes that are in a SIP received 24 hours of light from Friday to well today. When I came in the radishes seemed to be much larger than what they were. I am not sure if this is due to just not seeing them for the course of one week or the additional fact that they had 24 hour daylight.

Nonetheless we actually have some radishes that were just large enough to eat. Three students volunteered to harvest one of them and then slice it and eat it. All three agreed that the radish was very good. One student even said that she normally doesn't like radishes, but she enjoyed that one.

Hallelujah to the power of growing it yourself.

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