Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I came to school yesterday and found my Passiflora caerulea or Passion flower in full bloom. I rceived this plant as a gift from Five Crows last fall. This plant has really taken a shine to my classroom and has begun to climb up the wall and across my upper windowsill. This was a beautiful welcome back.

The Passiflora genus is found throughout the world and on almost every continent. In fact there is even a native species, Passiflora incarnata. It was known to the Chorokee as the ocee. And can be found growing along the Ocee River bank. This particular species is very important to a few different larval species of butterflies such as the Zebra longwing and the gulf fritilari.

The range of the Passiflora incarnata or the Purple Passion Flower.

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  1. What's the diameter of that blossom? From the photo it looks huge! What a spectacular flower. Thanks for sharing Chris!