Friday, April 10, 2009

Its been awhile but a lot has happened

This past weekend Naomi and I spent our Saturday afternoon installing our fencing for our vegetable garden. This process although long went very well, except for the loss of cable. It seems that our cable line was not buried very deep. In fact it was only a couple of inches below the surface. So the green pole that I hammered into the ground split it in two. Leaving us without cable for a few days. This on the whole was not too bad since we both spent the evening hours reading. This weekend we also prepared some trays with seeds; onions, basil, tomatoes, melons, peppers, sage, and sunflowers.

Also, my sampler pack of potatoes came from Seed Savers Exchange. This included 8 varieties and 20 pounds! Needless to say I have been dealing potatoes out from my house. Handing them out to anyone who wants them from just a couple to a small sack. I am looking forward to growing potatoes this year as they are another one of the vegetables that we still seem to buy from the store. The varieties that were sent by Seed Savers Exchange are Yukon Gold, La Ratte, Austrian Crescent, Purple Viking, Red Gold, All Blue, All Red (aka Cranberry Red), and Kerr's Pink. I am quite excited about the All Blue and the Purple Viking since I love unusually colorful food. I am also interested in the La Ratte which is supposed to be a fingerling with excellent flavor. I am told that its flavor contains a hint of nuttiness.

Today Naomi planted spinach, multi-colored carrots, beans, red leaf lettuce, radishes, and cilantro. I also checked up on my garlic (German Hardy and Georgian Fire) which I planted during the fall. As I lifted up the straw to take a little peek I was happy to see some shoots staring back at me. I find it amazing how happy I get whenever I see any sprouts sticking up through the soil. Knowing that my work and care wasn't for naught.

Today I also worked on adjusting the gate to our vegetable garden. It kept getting hung up on one of the walls of the raised bed. However after a bit of shaving and cutting I believe that the gate swings open fairly easily. Although the gate is not exactly the way I wanted it and I can see myself tinkering with it in the coming months. I believe that it looks much better than our old one and it quite a bit more functional.

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