Monday, April 20, 2009

A Garden Raisin'

This past Saturday Naomi and I went to a friends house to help them redesign their garden area. This process involved the moving of dirt and plants in one area to a new area and redoing the pathways between the beds. In the beginning of the day we all moved with a gradual motion. The hot sun made us a bit lethargic in our work. However after lunch (which was great so thanks Kathy) with the impending sense of rain we worked with a renewed speed and as the first few drops were felt we picked up the pace and began to finish the project. This time was well spent because it gave me a feel of community and camaraderie that only comes from truly helping out a friend.

While I was at their house I took a look at their fruit trees and grape vines. Fruit trees are not a part of our garden nor our plan (at least at this time). Fruit trees take a bit more patience than what I seem to have. You can plant a fruit tree but you might need to wait three years or so before anything comes of it. I sometimes have a hard time waiting for the vegetables to grow by the end of summer. So I have a bit of respect for Kelly and his wife who can dedicate that kind of patience to a plant. I am sure they will see big dividends when the time finally comes.

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  1. We hope so... :)I'm wondering how long the almond tree will take to produce.