Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top Chef Masters

Well I have a confession to make. I am a Top Chef junky. Yes I have to watch it and I even watch the reruns from the past seasons. Last night was the finale for Top Chef Masters, where the winner took home $100,000 for their favorite charity. The challenge was for the finalists, Hubert Keller, Rick Bayless, and Michael Chiarello to create a four course meal that described their life's journey through food. Each and every dish was an artful story that left me wishing that I could just have even just a whiff of each course. The contest was close but in the end Rick Bayless, restaurateur from Chicago won. The prize money will go to Rick's own charity Frontera Farmer Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to helping out small family farms with sustainable innovation and to help save the small family farm. The small family farm is an endangered species and needs all the help it can get. So congratulations to Rick for his accomplishment and for putting his prize money back into the small farms of the Chicago region. So once again congratulations to Rick Bayless.

Side note: Five Crows children after watching the final episode stated that they wanted to go to Frontera and help support Rick Bayless due to his use of local crops and his support to local farmers. Way to go Mouse and Squirrel!


  1. I visited Rick's house this spring and got to see his awesome garden. When I was watching TCM and seeing his tweets on Twitter it kinda ruined the excitement for me because when he registered it was obvious he was going to win.

    Stupid internets and social web taking away the excitement of reality show competitions.



  2. Well I guess this is one victory for the Luddites then. I wanted him to win the whole time, but felt Keller would win due to stigma around Mexican cuisine.

    I really want to visit his house and garden next summer. I have a friend who did a tour and said it was amazing.