Saturday, March 21, 2009

Victory for Backyard Gardeners Everywhere

Well the Obama's are installing another personal touch to the White House right next to the girls swing set. Their 1,100 square foot organic garden, while not a first, is a long over due improvement to the White House lawn. On Friday Michelle Obama broke ground on the garden with the help of 23 students from Bancroft Elementary School in Washington D.C. Mrs. Obama stated that children enjoy eating food that tastes good and vegetables taste the best when they are fresh.

The food that is harvested from their garden will go towards feeding the Obama's and some of their formal dinners. This will hopefully be a strong message to Americans that food starts at home and not at a drive thru window. I believe no matter what your political stance or lean you have to see this as a win for all of America. If more families follow the Obama's lead then this will hopefully be the beginning of a food revolution. Americans will start to value food and see it as a commodity that is best when it is local and fresh. It will also be a lesson to children who will be less likely to waste food. For they will have seen first hand what goes into the production of that food and hard work always tends to make us appreciate things to a greater extent.

As for the plants that made the cut in the Obama's "Victory" garden. Well Mrs. Obama joked with us that beets did not make the cut (due to President Obama's dislike for them), but arugula did. Wonder if they will serve it when McCain comes over for dinner. They will also have cilantro, tomatillos, hot peppers, kale, spinach, red leaf lettuce, romaine, Thai basil, and a bunch more. They will grow the crops in raised beds with compost from the White House, crab meal from the Chesapeake Bay, lime and green sand. They will also use insects such as ladybugs and praying mantis to control harmful bugs. And as the final touch they will have two hives on site that will polinate the crops and produce honey for the Obama family.

So lets all follow suit, have our own gardens and eat as locally as possible. Remember, Be the Change for a better tomorrow!

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